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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to place beads on yarn for Version 10

Bead Placement for 
Version 10

1. Using a tapestry needle or one that will slide through the beads and yarn together, place as many beads as you desire on the yarn.

2. Make as many chains as you desire, I did 5 chains, pull up a bead next to the last chain made, yarn over, your crochet hook will rest on the bead, make a chain.

Your chain has a front side and a back side. As you are making your chains that is the front side of your chain. After you make your ch that secures your bead in place.The bead should be on the back side of your chain.
3. Continue to make chains until you are ready to put a bead on. Repeat step 2.

4. You can also put several beads on beside each other. Pull up a bead, chain 1, pull up a bead, ch 1. Continue until you have the desired amount of beads in a row.

Another idea is to go to 
Crochet Pattern Central.

Awesome site!

They have a section called Fridgies.
It's little things to make to put a magnet on and place on your fridge.
They have patterns for flowers, and other cutie things. 
You can make some of the flowers or other items to 
place on your yarn or hat hair! 

Hope this helps!


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