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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pom-Poms Part 2!

I was in dining hall feeding mom lunch. Mr. F was no where to be found! I had finished 
his hat and wanted to give it to him! He had to wait a week to get
it because I had other things to complete first! 

Finally! He was late but he made it! He had his back to me 3 tables
over. I walked behind him and placed the hat over his head and he gasped with joy! 
It was in the 70's and slightly warm in the dining room! He thanked me profusely and popped
that hat right on his head! 

I was so proud of that baby blue hat and how happy it made him! After lunch 
he sat in the busiest intersection of nursing home and proudly 
showed off his baby blue hat! 

He was the center of attention for the remainder of the day!!


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