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Saturday, October 23, 2010


(Basic Hat Pattern)
Version 13

For years I have had numerous requests to take this pattern from my head to paper. I’m not a designer, just created this pattern out of necessity when I was diagnosed with cancer.
I will be adding all the versions I have of this pattern over the next few months. It’s very versatile and you can create so many different hats by starting with the basic pattern.


1. Choose a pattern and check yardage needed.
2. Choose your yarn and appropriate hook size for that yarn.
That’s it!
Be your own designer and create an original hat just for you!

Basic Hat Pattern

Ch 4, sl st in first ch made.

Round 1. Ch 2, dc in ring 12 times. Sl st in top of 1st dc made. (12 dc)

Round 2. Sl st in next dc, ch 2, 2 dc in same sp as ch 2. 2 dc in each remaining 11 st. Sl st in top of 1st dc made. (24 dc)

Round 3. Sl st in next dc, ch 2, 2 dc in same sp as ch 2, 1 dc in next sp, (2 dc in next sp, 1 dc in next sp) 11 times. Sl st in top of 1st dc made. (36 dc)

Round 4. Sl st in next ch, ch 2, 2 dc in same sp as ch 2, 1 dc in next 2 sp, (2 dc in next sp, 1 dc in next 2 sp) 11 times. Sl st in top of 1st dc made. (48 dc)

Round 5. Sl st in next ch, ch 2, 2 dc in same sp as ch 2, 1 dc in next 3 sp, (2 dc in next sp, 1 dc in next 3 sp) 11 times. Sl st in top of 1st dc. (60 dc)

Round 6. Sl st in next ch, ch 2, 1 dc in same sp, 1 dc in next 58 sp. Sl st in top of 1st dc. (60 dc)

Rounds 7 -15. Repeat Round 6.

Fasten off.

Mark last stitch with a piece of yarn or stitch marker.

Side Flaps:

Row 1. Attach yarn to 11th sp from last st. Ch 2, dc in same sp as ch 2, dc in next 7 st. Ch 2, turn. ( 8 dc)

Row 2. Dc in same sp as ch 2, 3 dc decreases in next 6 st, dc in last st. Ch 2, turn. (5 dc)

Row 3. Dc in same sp as ch 2, 2 dc decreases in next 4 st. Ch 2 and turn ( 3 dc)

Row 4. Dc in same sp as ch 2, 1 dc decrease in next 2 sp. (2dc)

2nd flap

from last stitch count 16 stitches over and join yarn.

Repeat rows 1-4

Pom-Pom cords (make 2)

Use size J hook

Hold 2 strands together and leave a 10 inch tail make 15 chains. Fasten off. Cut yarn leaving a tail of 10 inches.

Note: Cords can be made to any length you desire.


Make 1 large and 2 medium sized pom-poms or size desired.

Attach large pom pom to top of hat, secure firmly.

Attach medium pom poms to cords.

Step 1. Take one end of your cord and thread the tail onto yarn needle. Pierce center of pom pom and pull tail through. Repeat and pull back through.

Step 2. Using yarn needle pull yarn through four loops on back of your chain.

Fasten off.

Repeat with 2nd pom pom.

Attach pom pom to hat.

Step 1. Thread remaining tail on yarn needle starting at bottom 2 stitches of side flap and run through the 2 stitches on inside of side flap. Continue to run the needle through each row of stitches through all four rows back and forth.
Fasten Off.

Repeat with 2nd pom pom.


Round 7 – 15 is where you personalize the length of the hat. Make as many or as few rounds needed so the hat is as long as needed to cover your head.

For Your Information;

This hat was made with leftover worsted acrylic yarn, a size I hook, and 15 rounds with no edging on the hat.


Kshitij said...

Thank you for posting the pattern for this lovely hat! I hope to start this hat soon :) in hopes of donating one or more...
The stories associated with the hats make them even more meaningful!

Sherry said...

Your Welcome!

I really enjoy meeting so many people in this nursing home!

There is this tall frail man who is always grumpy! Never speaks to me, just walks on by and I really believed he just didn’t notice I was there. I’m short. Last week he started saying good morning to me! That was so exciting!

I arrived at the nursing home on Thursday morning, and he is sitting in one of the rocking chairs on the front porch, he had a short sleeve shirt on and he was shivering.

I asked him if he wanted to come inside and get warm, he said no he likes sitting outside. I pulled my cooler and giant yarn bag inside the door and went back outside.

I wear an over sized man's navy blue zip up sweatshirt or as my sons tell me it's a hoodie. I took it off and I helped him get the sleeves on and zipped. He had a surprised look on his face and said, “do I get to borrow this?” I said, no you can keep it! He was so shocked.

It was so cool to see him all warm and fuzzy! He doesn’t look like a hat person but I’m going to create one for him and see if he wants it!

Kshitij said...

Oh that is absolutely wonderful...
Very sweet of you :)
Sure hope he likes the hat :)

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