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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Large Flap Hat!

Version 15
Large Flap Hat

I'm posting pictures tonight of hat but will
not post pattern until end of next week!
So Sorry!

I started typing this on Thursday, but 
could not read my own handwriting! 
I have been working on it every night 
when I come home from the nursing
home. I'm going to have to make it
again to get my correct counts for the 
large flap! I'm so embarrassed! 
But I don't want to guess!

Here is the pictures!
(I interrupted him writing a term paper!)
Large Flap 
Back of Large Flap
Large Flap Rolled Up!

Side View

On glass head

Side View

This hat has many possibilities!
You could have put a pom-pom of the variegated
yarn on top to pull the look together. My son 
thought it did not need one!  
I thought it did!

The large flap can be made with 
fun fur for a more fuzzy look!

A button can be added to each side of the hat to 
hold flap in place or leave as is for a 
funky look!

I will be putting up different versions of 
this hat next year! 

There are many variations of this pattern!

Thanks for being patient with me!



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