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It's so great to have you visit my hat blog!

My goal is to showcase the potential of even the most novice crocheter to be able to stitch together the most beautiful beanies, berets, and brain-warmers they never dreamed possible!

Please share your photos so I may place them on my Flickr page and here on this blog! I'm looking forward to sharing your hats with others and I just love to see what you have created!

Send photos to: basic.hats@gmail.com

Friday, March 04, 2011

Brain Dead Last Night!


Last night I put the wrong pattern up. I put the very small hat pattern up 
and I should have put the regular sized pattern up! 

Its corrected with new pictures!

Just a little bit of advice!

Never, Never, eat Cadbury eggs while drinking Diet Mt. Dew!

I wasn't all there last night!!!


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