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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sad news

I have some difficult decisions to make. I will think on it for the next 4 or 5 days. It has been brought to my attention that there are possibly 2 individuals stealing my patterns. It really sucks what I have seen. I just want to scream.I am so frustrated and sad. I hate it when others steal. I made a choice to give these as free patterns and not sell them. 

I don't know if I should just quit or continue.

Thanks for listening.



Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that. I wish it didn't happen, but it seams like it's a "matter of time" issue with the internet these days. Hope it doesn't totally kill your interest in making and giving away patterns.

Tamara said...

I am sorry that this is happening. But don't let some one else's greed take your passion away for crochet. If you feel the need start charging a small amount for your patterns. We are all willing to purchase good patterns for a reasonable amount! Besides, you will have more money for yarn!

Sherry said...

Thanks Holly,

The shock has worn off but not the frustration. I'm not going to do anything. The blog is staying. Just need to get over the anger and frustration. sucks.

Sherry said...

Thanks Tamara,

Its a great idea charging but I'm not going to! I do love more yarn! My license plate says "BUYARN".

The shock has worn off but not the frustration. I'm not going to do anything. The blog is staying. Just need to get over the anger and frustration. sucks.

brenda said...

A BIG THANK YOU, for not taking down your blog, its so ignorant of what some people are doing. I can really understand your frustration though.Again THANKS for not stopping what you LOVE Doing !!!!!!!

Rissa said...

I'm trying to prove that someone in my town cannot patent her hat idea because it's not original. She's making hats with hair, short hair but the exact same idea that you did with the long hair in the "it's not a dreadful day" post. I'm not sure if she got the idea here but I'm investigating it.

Sherry said...


You are welcome!

I have my moments with this crazy "I can't believe its happening again!"

Some one stole my basic hat pattern and changed ONE thing and called it her own pattern! That happened about ten years ago and it makes me sad it is happening on a larger scale now!

I'm over it but I still get frustrated! Just human nature I guess!

On a brighter note I am working on FIFTEEN hats all at once! I don't know how that happened! I will put some up soon!

Sherry said...

Hi Rissa!

Thanks for the support! I wouldn't worry about it! I'm over it but I believe it will come back to haunt the person who has made a wrong choice!

I'm going to focus on putting up as many hats as I can!!

Anonymous said...

I just met your blog today for the first time, I like your blog very much your hat very cute. your pattern is easy to understand. I just started to crochet. I trained to do it. I intend to make New Year's gift to sick children in hospitals and cancer patients in my country. thank you so much for your hat pattern
I'm so sorry to hear that news. Keep going to do thing you love & happy to do ,I will cheer for you from far away
I'm thai ,my English is not good. Sorry if I make any mistakes (my name is poo)

Sherry said...

Hi Poo!

I can understand what you said! It is an awesome idea to make hats for sick children! I started out with this pattern to help those that are sick with cancer.

Take care!


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