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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Selling Hats!

Have lots of fun making hats!
If you want to sell them!
I hope you makes tons of dollars!
You know the rest of the story...
I read patterns from designers and they always have , "Don't Sell My Pattern", "This is the property of..."
I didn't put all that in writing because if somebody wants what you got, no amount of words can stop them.
I know those words gives you the right to prosecute, but it is difficult to do that because there aren't enough  laws yet to protect us online.
I am sad because several people have taken my patterns and changed a tiny bit and have claimed them as their own. Some just steal the pattern and sell it. I want my patterns to be free! 
I live on one income so I can take care of mom. I am BROKE 90% of the time. I'm used to it now! I know I could use the money from selling the patterns but I want to them to be free so those like me can use them.
My lawyer says to put it in writing and I will add what he said later. Right now I need to get to nursing home!

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